Happy Fall Season!

Good morning friends,

I want to announce that A.J.E.X. has ended the season of promotion at the Londonderry Flea Market. We have met some wonderful customers and we have been lucky to get in touch with some of you whose family medical needs may require A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered’s help on occasions. Do not hesitate to contact me should you need some help. I have been and am continuing to develop my service, as originally planned, to assist those who have been plagued by unexpected needs due to illness or personal life struggles. Do not hesitate to call should you need an emergency delivery made to you or on your behalf.

Enjoy this wonderful beginning of fall! The leaves are absolutely gorgeous.

Great week-end!

Hi everyone,

We sold some crepes this Past Saturday. The weather is cooling down and it is very nice to walk around the flea market. I got to step away from our Crepes and Ice Cream Novelties stand for a few minutes, thanks to my dear friend who watch the stand while I looked at the treasures the Londonderry Flea Market vendors have uncovered for you. Also, I am happy to share with you the news that I help a couple of wonderful clients with their deliver needs. Remember, if you are at home and immobilized for whatever reason, whether it is for causes outside your control or because you are in need of support, exceptionally, call upon AJEX GD. We’ll be there to assist you with your delivery needs: prescriptions, groceries, cleaners, coffee shop, restaurant (conditions apply), tools, clothing, and more.

Sick Day :-(

Good morning Friends,

I was all ready to go this morning with all my supplies replenished to make delicious crepes and provide you with high quality ice cream novelties. I tried to get ready to go but I woke up today with pain in my throat. It is making speaking painful and I have nausea like symptoms from it. It feels like a cold, except for the nausea. I slept by an open window all night so it may very well be what it is or severe allergies. I feel nauseated and had to return to bed. I have no doubt that the Flea Market will provide everyone with great entertainment and we will be joining the team next week-end. Enjoy your visit!

Rain, rain go away …

Dear friends,

As you probably know already, the rain has had Londonderry Flea Market closed last week-end and today. We should all be there tomorrow, weather allows, to enjoy a fun day outdoors. Note, some changes have been made to the crepes menu as we approach fall. New ones will come out September 1st as others will be laid to rest until Spring 2019. Come by to find out what the changes will be! We’ll be glad to see you!

I would like to mention that as Fall approaches, I will be presenting our services in diverse locations. Donuts and Coffee will be provided to those who attend. This, just like the Londonderry Flea Market, is a way for you to meet me and to understand how A.J.E.X. GD can benefit you in your daily life or be a great back up for unexpected events that occur once in a while, or again, help with family planning, and many more events that can occur and that I can share with you during our meetings.

Stay posted for indications of where the presentations will take place.

See you this week-end, hopefully, at the Londonderry Flea Market and don’t forget to call for all your delivery needs! Multiple locations, on Call!

It is only Wednesday!

Dear friends,

We are only half way through the week and it feels as if 5 days have gone by already! I had some issues with my cable TV/Internet service this week. Apparently, a team of construction workers renovating our building accidentally cut some wires, and it took a week for my company to make it to our location to fix it! They failed to show at 2 of the appointments we had set. I was so upset, I cancelled my plan upgrade, and advised them it is very easy to switch to a company that will have more integrity in keeping the appointments they set. All in all, I calmed down and everything is now back to normal.

This is my update of the week-end. We had a sad Saturday. My food vendor neighbor and I did not show up to the flea market after we suspected it would be closed due to the weather. We called and left messages to check ahead of time but with so many vendors at the flea market, the responsible party never got the chance to return our calls. Of course, we found out the next day that the market had opened Saturday and were both deeply disappointed. However, we are pioneers! We showed up Sunday! Sunday was AMAZING! Our crepes stand received twice as many customers as we usually do. I got some fantastic suggestions from my wonderful customers and wrote them all down. my favorite moment was when I witnessed my customer eat his crepe at a speed I had rarely seen before! lol Really, the things are huge, but he was still trying to scoop out every bit of food left on his plate. I was proud to see his satisfaction and I honestly believe that this single event made my day!

More, news! As we were bored, at some point, with no customer to serve, my eight year old daughter and her new friend inspired me to flip crepes … higher than I usually do … lol I quickly mixed together some flour and water (not the real recipe for my delicious crepes, which can also be flipped), and we called the crepes I made with that dough: “The Play Crepes”!  ….. and so I flipped, one flip, two flips, higher and higher until at last …. the Play Crepes would hit the ground! It was so much fun, I even got a customer to clap, yelling: “Good job”! This inspired me to create an activity! Not only will I flip The Play Crepes, but you are all invited to attempt flipping a Play Crepe yourself, for however long and however high you can flip it until it hits the ground! The cost of this new activity will be $.25 cents per Play Crepe! (or, a quarter, for those who prefer words to numbers) – So join us at 10:00 am on Saturdays only for a chance at crepes flipping at the Londonderry Flea Market! It’s not hard. It’s fun! I’ll give you some pointers.

Finally, please note that this business is dedicated to its customers. I have for a few months been helping a lady in need of assistance once a week (twice on some occasions). Although I provide her with help customized to her needs, her needs are not explicitly described in the services description section of A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered’s website. The fact is, it is clear that my customers have a need for privacy and confidentiality because each situation is different. It is of great importance to me that I maintain this ethical relationship with them. My services are customized to your lifestyle. In sharing this with you, I hope to communicate to you the fact that your situation, even if not a complete match to what you see on this website, is one that I can consider and attempt to accommodate in order to help you make it through whatever need you are trying to fill. your health requires a special diet, your have no time to shop and make dinner because your job requires that you work long hours, etc. Don’t hesitate to call or contact me to discuss your concerns. Another Lady friend, whom I provide assistance to occasionally, has been able to assist me greatly herself, in her own way, and we found a friendship and working relationship that has worked for us both so far.

Join us in making the world we live in a better place free of struggle. Build your support Network with us, and never look back!

Warm Summer Days

Dear friends,

We had a pretty good day last Saturday. Unfortunately, the rain caused the Londonderry Flea Market to close Sunday. It was not too hot so it was really very pleasant in terms of temperature for being set straight in the middle of Summer. Summer Vacation, I suppose, is one of the reasons why we were not too busy. We are hoping that you will visit us when you return or before you leave on your new adventure this week-end. I did get a new comment about the crepes we sell to you, made fresh, on-site. I was told that the crepe was “absolutely perfect”. This is not to brag, but to interest you in giving it a try. You may find the delicate, flavorful, velvety crepe with its delicious fresh filling to be exactly what you were looking for this week! The cool whip and Ghirardelli chocolate chips make for a wonderful garnish.

Please do not forget, a donation in our Children and Family Services jar is always welcome and appreciated. And once again, as you already know, we are here to serve you and your every delivery needs when the occasion presents itself! One phone call away, your back up is here!

Successful Gathering!

Dear friends,

I want to let all of you know how much I appreciate you coming to celebrate Bastille Day with us this past Saturday. It was a success! We had twice the amount of customers we usually see at our A.J.E.X. GD stand. I am thrilled that our customers enjoyed the crepes so much and also flattered by the “yums” and “wows” I received. I think the greatest compliment of all came from my neighbor, Tony, at the flea market. He makes wonderful sandwiches and fries, by the way! He came to me and told me that my crepes are “one step above flea market foods”. It was a wonderful feeling of having accomplished one of my most cherished goals of bringing joy to others through my work!

So, I have decided to continue making crepes every Saturday and all of you, of course, are invited to join us. We will be so happy to see you and share the sweets!  🙂

In addition, I met a professional who sells fresh, affordable, New England fruits and vegetables here in Londonderry. She is a local, her name is Joanne, and she will be thrilled to get all of your fresh produce to you immediately by using our Services. So, if you want some of the freshest produce around, don’t hesitate to give A.J.E.X. GD a call. She is ready to bag them up on your behalf!

Have a wonderful week, dear friends! More news and updates about this adventure will be coming soon!