Dear Friends,

We will be returning from Memorial Day week-end this Sunday. Due to summer plans that have come up for this year, we will serve at the Flea Market one day per week instead of Saturdays and Sundays. I will miss coming both days but my family will be glad to enjoy the summer together. I originally picked Saturday however, my very dear neighbor at the flea market convinced me to come on Sundays because more of you visit the flea market and will get the chance to enjoy our treats. So, I hope to see all of you tomorrow! I will leave a note on my freezer at the end of the day for those of you who only visit the market on Saturdays, letting you know that we will be there for you on Sundays in case you would like to make an exception to your routine, and visit us. Remember, ice cream and crepes! Breakfast, snack or … the big ones (and made with premium ingredients) can definitely serve as LUNCH, if you are having a sweet tooth day! I hope to see many of you tomorrow! Have a beautiful week-end!

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