Rain, rain go away …

Dear friends,

As you probably know already, the rain has had Londonderry Flea Market closed last week-end and today. We should all be there tomorrow, weather allows, to enjoy a fun day outdoors. Note, some changes have been made to the crepes menu as we approach fall. New ones will come out September 1st as others will be laid to rest until Spring 2019. Come by to find out what the changes will be! We’ll be glad to see you!

I would like to mention that as Fall approaches, I will be presenting our services in diverse locations. Donuts and Coffee will be provided to those who attend. This, just like the Londonderry Flea Market, is a way for you to meet me and to understand how A.J.E.X. GD can benefit you in your daily life or be a great back up for unexpected events that occur once in a while, or again, help with family planning, and many more events that can occur and that I can share with you during our meetings.

Stay posted for indications of where the presentations will take place.

See you this week-end, hopefully, at the Londonderry Flea Market and don’t forget to call for all your delivery needs! Multiple locations, on Call!

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