Warm Summer Days

Dear friends,

We had a pretty good day last Saturday. Unfortunately, the rain caused the Londonderry Flea Market to close Sunday. It was not too hot so it was really very pleasant in terms of temperature for being set straight in the middle of Summer. Summer Vacation, I suppose, is one of the reasons why we were not too busy. We are hoping that you will visit us when you return or before you leave on your new adventure this week-end. I did get a new comment about the crepes we sell to you, made fresh, on-site. I was told that the crepe was “absolutely perfect”. This is not to brag, but to interest you in giving it a try. You may find the delicate, flavorful, velvety crepe with its delicious fresh filling to be exactly what you were looking for this week! The cool whip and Ghirardelli chocolate chips make for a wonderful garnish.

Please do not forget, a donation in our Children and Family Services jar is always welcome and appreciated. And once again, as you already know, we are here to serve you and your every delivery needs when the occasion presents itself! One phone call away, your back up is here!

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