Successful Gathering!

Dear friends,

I want to let all of you know how much I appreciate you coming to celebrate Bastille Day with us this past Saturday. It was a success! We had twice the amount of customers we usually see at our A.J.E.X. GD stand. I am thrilled that our customers enjoyed the crepes so much and also flattered by the “yums” and “wows” I received. I think the greatest compliment of all came from my neighbor, Tony, at the flea market. He makes wonderful sandwiches and fries, by the way! He came to me and told me that my crepes are “one step above flea market foods”. It was a wonderful feeling of having accomplished one of my most cherished goals of bringing joy to others through my work!

So, I have decided to continue making crepes every Saturday and all of you, of course, are invited to join us. We will be so happy to see you and share the sweets!  🙂

In addition, I met a professional who sells fresh, affordable, New England fruits and vegetables here in Londonderry. She is a local, her name is Joanne, and she will be thrilled to get all of your fresh produce to you immediately by using our Services. So, if you want some of the freshest produce around, don’t hesitate to give A.J.E.X. GD a call. She is ready to bag them up on your behalf!

Have a wonderful week, dear friends! More news and updates about this adventure will be coming soon!

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