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This is the excerpt for your very first post.

This world is disconnected. I have always been known, since childhood, for bringing people together. It pains me to see the disconnect between our fellow human beings, our neighbors and the growing fear of those we just pass while walking … if we ever do much walking any more. One step at a time, what can each of us do and what good would it do for us to have places where people still gather? Where are those places and how can we support them? How can we help each other not to forget our Humanity? How can we keep each other so passionate by ours and each other’s lives that fear never wins?

2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Hello. I am still not sure where to start today. There is so much to say. Since last June, which was 1 year ago, much has happened. I acquired a van through the means of craigslist. To my surprise, I got ripped off. Who would have thought? I purchased it from a business … active and still ongoing. Not a car dealership, a private business. But, I won’t dwell on it. after many people told me I should just drive it to the junk yard, I finally found a wonderfully skilled mechanic who agreed to help me put it back together. To my detriment, it feels like it literally cost me an arm and a leg. Yet, it is now happily insured, like the business: registered, licensed and insured with the State of New Hampshire. I think it was important for me not to give. up. This is a job so close to my heart that I have submerged myself into it and will not “give up” on it because of a few road blocks. It makes me happy. It is fulfilling, to know, that I can do for people something that I value and have it become my livelihood. Every day, in ever way I am able to … I just don’t have to say no. And that, is important, to me because I can really address you need for help.


  2. So here we are. We have our van, our ice cream machine, our Italian Ice, Organic fruits and more, our donation bucket to the Children and Family Services of New Hampshire, and we are ready to bring us all together at the Londonderry Flea Market this week-end. As we will collect donations for a cause that has been dear to my hear for many years, please note that you can donate on your own by going here: Also, great news! We will be adding sweet crepes to our week-end menu in two weeks. So, get ready to join us every week-end! And don’t forget to call A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered for ALL your delivery needs during the week.


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