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Registered with the State of New Hampshire, Licensed & Insured



Due to popular and critical delivery services demands, A.J.E.X has simplified it’s delivery services charges to $15.00/ hour for any type of service listed below. In addition, the mobile payment system has been upgraded to increase convenience and provide faster service. We hope to be there to assist you in these uncertain times and keep you safe at home. Delivery will be provided with gloves and mask.

“Forgot the Milk? Need extra eggs? Ran out of diapers? Need hygienic products? Please, pick-up a screw driver, cold medication, tomatoes and a Mocha from the local coffee shop all at once! My mother needs a new cane, hers just broke! I need a thermometer. We are in the Emergency room, my kids don’t have any food or toys: can you stop by the store for me?”


All you need is a phone and I will bring outside life and the stores to you. I will help you get what you need or what you want without the hassle, without having to jump through hoops and without the inconvenience of figuring out how to get it. This is for people who are struggling with their health, are in need of a hand because they are overwhelmed or just, simply, ran out of time!

Always here to help! (English, French)

Call Monday through Friday 09:00 am to 05:00 pm (or anytime) and pick from Service #1 or Service #2.

Last delivery order taken at 05:00 pm. Orders after 06:00 pm will be done at A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered’s discretion. Exceptions may apply to week-end deliveries.
  Accept Debit Cards, Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards, checks and cash payments.



Local grocery stores, retailers, pharmacies, durable medical equipment stores, clothing stores, arts & crafts stores, bookstores, coffee shops, bagel shops, chocolate vendors, ice cream vendors, tools vendors, etc.

Call to find out if I can deliver from a store of your choice.


  • I will pick-up the merchandise for you directly from local stores. Order by phone (or online). I will call you personally if any issue comes up with your order, or if you would like a picture. 
  • Family members are welcome to place orders on behalf of their loved ones by phone or online directly from the website using the comments box and pay online or by phone – see policy for details.
  • Return policy: I will handle all the steps of a return. If an item needs to be returned because a customer doesn’t like the item, a $4.00 charge will apply.                        
CHARGES over $50.00 are pre-authorized

Cost: 10% of your total bill(s)

  1. Private in-home delivery charges are 10% of your order but no more than $25.00 max if your order costs more than $250.00. The 10 % of your order plus a $4.00 flat fee will be charged if your order costs less than $50.00. Orders over $300 are not available at this time, unless medically necessary (medical equipment, prescription drugs, etc).
  2. All deliveries after 06:00 pm will require the 10% of your order charge plus $8.00 flat fee for in-facility and individual deliveries and will be performed at A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered’s discretion. Exceptions may apply to week-end deliveries.

I will collect your payment immediately after your final order has been processed by the store. This means that I will pay for your order first.

Your Credit Card will be charged to reflect the total amount of your final bill(s) plus the delivery charge before your order is en-route to the delivery location. If your payment is declined, items will be immediately returned and you will be charged $4.00 per store where the items had to be returned in addition to any additional cost incurred by A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered for payment processing issues.

If you selected a Cash payment, I will collect your funds prior to shopping and a log will be signed to attest to the cash amount exchanged. Your change will be returned to you even if the delivery location is other than the location from where you placed your order.

Check payments will need to be processed in the form of an immediate debit payment through the payment system. Payments are processed through an actual Point-of-Sale terminal and are highly secure. I do not use a phone or tablet system. Reminder: A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered is registered with the State of New Hampshire, licensed and insured.

Forms of Payments accepted:

Accept Debit cards, Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, checks and cash payments.



Delivery of personal items is also an option. The fee for the emergency delivery of item(s) not purchased in a store is $20.00.

You may ask me to deliver items from one location to another as long as a valid contact is there to meet the delivery service at the place of pick up and at the place of delivery. Items can be delivered from your home to your place of business, from your home to your school, from your one location to another without a retail transaction.



A.J.E.X.  will not deliver inside Customers home. Customers should expect their delivery at the door.

If an item cannot be found, a similar item of equal or lesser value will be selected unless none is available. Customer can request not to purchase item if the exact item requested is not found.

A $2.00 charge per item type will apply if different types of Deli items are selected. Otherwise, the $2.00 charge will apply only once if one type of Deli item is selected.

A.J.E.X. is not responsible for defective items sold by the stores.

If A.J.E.X. is closed, customers can expect a delay in their delivery for the length of time A.J.E.X. is closed. Customers will be contacted at the phone number listed on file.

Deliveries of more than 10 miles will be charges .25 cents per mile.

Ask about in-home delivery carts options.

If an item is damaged by A.J.E.X. during delivery process it will be replaced at no additional charge to customers.

Restaurant deliveries are limited to 1 order per customer/address each week.

Note that A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered is not set-up to accommodate outrageously large personal or business deliveries or deliveries of a certain nature. A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any reason due to order details.

Online payments are likely to result in a credit to a customer’s account and are sold in the form of “gift cards”. For the exact payment  of the amount owed, the payment options by phone or in person are available.


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Hello, my name is Xedra. I would like to help you with the chores of daily life when time slipped through your fingers! As an Authorized Representative for you*, it would be my pleasure to pick-up your prescriptions when you are sick, your groceries after a long day of work, your school supplies during final exams or even supplies needed for your unexpected presentation, lunch or meeting at work. My experience entails education in business and law. I have accumulated a bit more than a couple of years of college credits. In addition, I have obtained many certificates from Certified Nurse Assistant to Activities Director, and Leadership with Finance from one of the top schools in the nation. I have also acquired some professional licenses: realtor, health insurance and life insurance agent, etc. I have worked in many fields but some specifically stood out. I worked for a government contractor that managed the Medicare and Medicaid programs in Kansas. Also, I was employed by a Nursing Home in Colorado. I have supervised a department in retail and briefly worked in the legal department of that retailer in Arkansas. With this experience of life, I have observed my family age and my loved ones get diagnosed with illnesses that had them immobilized when they were as alert as you and I. They have felt alone, helpless and cut out of society in some way. Family can only do so much, at times, it is heart-breaking to witness.

When I don’t feel well and I am alone, I would like to be able to call someone (other than my mother, brother or kids) if I need certain thing(s) brought to me, and no, I do not always want to order food from a restaurant! Sometimes, I would like a magazine, sometimes I would like a candle, sometimes I would like a newspaper, other times I would like a toothbrush, soap, shampoo, and the list goes on.  Wouldn’t you?! There are chances that you may need certain things from different stores all at once, right now or today!

When we are stuck in a hospital, living in Retirement facilities, at home for whatever reason (may be we are on the verge of exhaustion!), immobilized temporarily due to an incapacitating heart attack, epileptic crisis, sleep apnea, or we lose the ability to drive a vehicle indefinitely; there are so many scenarios and there is such limited help that allows us to preserve our dignity and independence as human beings.

I can help.

In other cases and for people in different situations, it is simply not fair that someone would be obligated to pay the cost of Wifi and/or the internet because one is not able to shop outside the home. The person would endure delays in receiving goods and/or be limited in the choices available. What if a person does not want to pay extra or even use the internet and still participate in the shopping experience? For certain individuals, the use of the internet is no longer an option whether this is a conscious decision or a consequence outside of a person’s control. Anyone, deserves to benefit from the convenience of quick-to-respond services without going through a training manual beforehand, to figure out if the time spent online is even worth the help. Most of us will use online services, and most of us can use A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered for a more complex response to  the numerous demands that inevitably occur in our busy, daily lives.

Free delivery promises are another way of saying “hidden fees”. Certainly, delivery fees may be less online but they are simply added-in. With A.J.E.X Groceries Delivered, the fees are simply stated and set to assist rather than to unconditionally profit from those who could become dependent on the services offered.

Another perk of using A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered is the access to local stores or farmers markets that do not have the luxury of online sales, or do not wish to participate due to the freshness of their products. These locations are available to you by simply calling A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered.

A great incentive for the creation of this service is to help relieve family stress and provide families with more opportunities to be together joyfully as A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered performs the leg work:

  1. When an elderly person becomes dependent on family members for basic necessities, it is nice for the entire family to have an emergency back-up. If something comes up and a family member can’t step in, call A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered at 603-553-1515!
  2. Families may have children to tend to, and can not always get everyone in the car easily for a quick trip to the store in case of an unexpected need. Ran out of diapers or cold medication? Call A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered at 603-553-1515.
  3. Medical Emergencies exist every day! This is the flame that lit the fire of A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered and a core reason of why it was brought into existence. Emergency room patients, out of town patients, in-town patients with or without families, and no support network nearby. Stroke, epilepsy, sleep apnea, car accident, sudden illness and many more. Immediate needs do occur in those circumstances and the value of this service becomes immeasurable.
  4. And a category we don’t think much about is Students. Students, who during final exams especially, could just use an extra hand!

I can help. Call A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered at 603-553-1515.

There are plenty of scenarios in which one may find himself/herself in an immediate need for hygienic products, medical equipment, clothing, food, ice cream, magazines, tools, clothes, arts, crafts or the bare necessities of life?!

A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered will step up!

This is why we are here today and all you need is a phone.



Authorized Representative*,

Xedra Lord

In conjunction with our Groceries Delivery, and all of your individual                            pick-up/delivery needs, A.J.E.X. GD can pick-up your prescriptions at a pharmacy of your choice.

*Call for details

A.J.E.X. Groceries Delivered collects Donations for

Children and Family Services

of New Hampshire

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Simply call and place your customized order!

A.J.E.X. Online Ordering Format


You may submit questions, comments and feedback using the comment box below.

For online requests, you may copy and Paste the form below filled out into the comment box, submit, and an A.J.E.X. representative will contact you to confirm your delivery.



Name and contact (phone # required) of Payor:




Toiletry (soaps, shampoo, etc):

Non-perishables (pens, envelopes, zip lock bags, etc):



Stores Serviced at this time: New England Produce Wholesalers (Fruits/Vegetables), Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Market Basket, Hannaford, Shaws, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Subway, Michael’s and many more. Call or simply ask to find out if I can deliver from the location of your choice. All deliveries must include Groceries or Retail orders. Restaurants, coffee shops or other similar types of deliveries are performed in addition to the original service provided by A.J.E.X. GD. Exceptions will require the $20.00 fee charged for Service #2. Do not hesitate to call for clarification.

Important note: After 06:00 pm delivery will be done at A.J.E.X.’s discretion.